Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swooning over Milkglass......

{images via Style Me Pretty}

This is yet another example of why I love Milkglass, and anything antiques. The Ladies over at Style Me Pretty have showcased these DIY centerpieces courtesy of the gals at Custom Even Group. They also have broken down the cost of the center pieces if you are interested in doing something like this yourself.

"White Snowberry - 3.5/stem
Copper colored peony foliage - 2.5/stem
umbrella fern - 3.75/stem
nandina leaves in green/copper and plum - tough to quote per stem!
peach and apricot hypernium berries - 3.00 per bunch
soft bronze calla lilies - 8.00 per bunch (a few go a long way, only use these on a couple tables)
coral passion vine buds and tendrils - 4.50/stem
aged antique colored hydrangeas - 12.00/stem
various garden roses (singing in the rain, fair bianca, evelyn, just joey, caramel antique, and juliet) 4-7.00 per stem
peachy/apricot small spray roses - 4.00/stem
large dahlias, cafe au lait - 4.50/stem

….and a few more types of foliage, wander through your own or a friends garden to gather artistic types of speciality foliage"

Thanks Style Me Pretty!